Kalinago Territory, DOMINICA 00109-8000

Breezes Cottage

Our Cottage


Breezes Cottage is a charming, self-contained vacation cottage comprising 520 sq. ft. of open plan living, dining and meal preparation spaces. A hallway leads to the master bedroom and a spacious shower. The bedroom contains a full-sized bed for 1 to 2 persons and is fitted out with built-in cupboards. Ceiling and standing fans cool the cottage’s spaces beautifully. A dressing commode provides space for dressing and there’s a luggage stand for your convenience.

The spacious open plan living/dining space is airy and full of light. This opens onto a porch that runs the full length of the cottage and which faces the Atlantic Ocean and its beautiful sky and ocean views.


Your hostess is an industrious and proud indigenous member of the Kalinago community, which is located on the north-eastern coast of Dominica. Our team, aka YSLE. comprises Ma and all her children. Together, we maintain, enhance the vacation cottage. You may meet any or all of us during your stay at Breezes or communicate with us over the booking system and email.

Our commitment to serve and communicate with our guests is our utmost priority. From the time of your arrival, Ma will be your point lead regarding instructions, advice and any further information you may require during your stay.

Breezes Cottage Team Members:

  • Hosting: Ma,
  • Bookings: Linda
  • Support: Stephanie & Yvette



The cottage is located in the Kalinago Territory – formerly known as the Carib Reserve and the Carib Territory prior to 2015. The Kalinago Territory is situated on the wild north-eastern coast of the island of Dominica.  The cottage is just a minute’s walk from the main coastal road that runs through the territory. As such, it is very close to public transport. Still, it is surrounded by fruit trees and vegetable gardens. It’s a 40 minutes’ drive from the Douglas-Charles airport, is 1 hour’s drive to Roseau and just under 10km from the town of Castle Bruce.

Breezes Cottage lies south of the Kalinago Barana Autê, the cultural village of the Kalinagos. Our cottage is a great location if you are looking to do the 6th and 7th segments of the Waitubukuli National Trail and the Castle Bruce road to Hatten Garden Hiking Trail.

There are several important sightseeing and cultural activities both in our community and in the surrounding areas. The community’s pride is the Kalinago Barana Autê. At the Barana Autê, you will have the opportunity to expand your understanding of Dominica’s most important First Peoples.

We enjoy having visitors to our small but vital community, as whatever activity you participate in or product and service you spend on in the territory, will continue to assist our people in creating better lives for themselves.