Extra Services


We provide extra services at your request. You may also speak to us about any special needs before your arrival. We will be glad to accommodate whenever possible.


  • Meals:- Despite the fact that you are renting a cottage that is fully outfitted for cooking and baking, we also provide meals if you wish to try out our local dishes and fruit drinks. Our hostess is an excellent cook and she will prepare breakfast, lunches or dinners as needed or available. You are most welcome to discuss your needs with her and remit payments directly to her as she requires.


  • Cleaning Services:- We charge a one time fee for cleaning the property; however, if you do need any additional cleaning services during your stay, please discuss with our hostess for pricing and scheduling.


  • Washing Services:- You are provided with a washing machine that spins dry your clothes and lines to hang out your drying. We insist on line drying as we help the environment as well as save on the cost of your rental. If you simply don’t have the time to wash and dry your clothes, we will gladly provide these services for an additional fee. These services are to be arranged between our hostess and you, the guest. Please discuss and arrange your additional needs with our hostess, Ma.


  • Airport or Port of Call Pick-Up/Drop-Off:- We can provide you with a pick-up from or a drop off to your port of arrival or departure. Speak to us if you’d like to have us arrange this at an additional fee.


  • Upgrade to Even Faster WiFi:- We’ve had university students completing their dissertation as well as research scientists as our valued guests and our dedicated WiFi facility has been fast and very dependable. If however, you would like an upgrade to the latest speeds available on the island, you can simply put in a request and we will give you a quote for an immediate upgrade. Your bill will reflect at least one month’s upgrade costs plus a small service charge. If your rental is crossing over into any part of a month then that entire month’s service will be billable. Upgrades are completed within 24 hours or as the provider delivers and payments are due upon your request and approval.