Kalinago Territory, DOMINICA 00109-8000

Breezes Cottage


House Rules

We permit smoking on the porch and in the garden areas. We encourage smokers to be respectful of non-smokers by not smoking in the cottage itself.

    • Cigarette smoking is permitted only in the designated areas
    • No pets
    • No parties, events or social gatherings (*)
    • It really goes without saying that accommodation is restricted to those who are booked
    • Power surges are rare but do happen. Since Dominica also runs on 220V, guests are required to keep all surge protectors on all equipment and appliances to prevent serious damage. Damage to equipment or work to bring them back to an operable state will be billed accordingly and will be subtracted from the security deposit.
    • No intake or handling of illegal substances (**)

(*) Gatherings: Should you need to spend noticeable time with other persons for the purpose of work, scientific research or the organizing of an important event (such as a wedding) to take place off the property, please let us know beforehand and in a timely fashion.

Because we value our property and its clean image which we work very hard to upkeep, guests are not permitted to invite any other persons who are not booked and who may be involved in nefarious activities into the cottage or on the sum property.

(**) Guests are advised to educate themselves on the laws of Dominica which cover a few acts generally accepted or tolerated elsewhere, but which are serious offences in our local jurisdiction. Acquaint yourself with Dominica’s laws especially where it pertains to illegal substances.